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Have you risked your marriage or primary relationship, your job, health or finances in order to continue your sexual, romantic, or porn-related behavior?

If so, you might be a sex addict.  If you aren’t sure, take our Men’s Sexual Addiction Test to see if you should be concerned.

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To the right of this section are the latest upcoming intensives – they are limited to 8-10 participants and usually fill up quickly.

The costs of sexual addiction can range from emotional and physical health problems to legal, relationship, family and career consequences. Sexual addiction is not defined by the type of sexual act or, by the choice of sexual partner, but more by the persons’ inability or unwillingness to stop their sexual acting-out despite negative consequences, combined with a history of addictive sexual behavior patterns.

We help people overcome sexually addictive behaviors.  Our two-week intensives are a great alternative to longer term residential programs.  We also offer comfortable living arrangements near SRI for those participating in our Two-Week Intensive Programs in Beverly Hills. If you live feel you need a longer program, read about our residential program in the Southeast. If you live locally and cannot attend a two-week intensive, we offer short-term treatment services and counseling.

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If you are holding off calling because you feel uncomfortable about the discussion, be assured that we completely understand how you are feeling. We get that this isn’t an easy thing to talk about. But this is what we do. We do one thing and we do it well.

Where are you going to be in five years? What will make the difference in your life now so that you aren’t in the same place down the road?

It just takes a phone call to find out if you can benefit from our program.

Consider this: two weeks of treatment can lead to a lifetime of true love and intimacy.