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Non-Violent Offender Treatment

Treatment Services

Sexual Offender Treatment requires clients to gain insight into themselves by fully identifying and owning the triggers and patterns that lead to their offending. Clients are asked to make related lifestyle changes, evolve victim empathy and to commit to carefully designed, monitored and highly detailed treatment and relapse prevention plans.

Treatment Goals

  • Identify and Eliminate Sexual Offending Behaviors
  • Identify and Eliminate Potential Victim “Grooming” Behaviors
  • Identify the Stressors and Triggers to Offending
  • Establish Healthy Personal Boundaries
  • Confront Faulty Beliefs Leading to Offending Behaviors
  • Explore Links to Past Trauma
  • Encourage Healthy Self-Care and Healthy Intimate Sexuality
  • Provide Written Non-Offending Plans for Discharge
  • Improve Family and Social Relationships and Networks

Sexual Offending Issues Treated

  • Exhibitionism
  • Frotteurism
  • Voyeurism
  • Crossing Professional Boundaries for Sex
  • Child Porn
  • Non-violent sexual contact with minors
  • Incest
  • Sexual Harassment and Stalking
  • Situational Offending

Sexual Offender Treatment Philosophy

Sexual Offenders Services (S.O.S.) at SRI is an outpatient psychotherapy and social habilitation process provided to men who have been involved in non-violent sexual offenses. Treatment targets not only the individual’s overall psychosocial functioning and sexual health, but also addresses relapse prevention and community safety. We accept most non-violent offenders into our program; however extensive phone screening and initial assessment are required of all patients prior to entering S.O.S. The actual length and design of the offender treatment process is based on each individual client’s needs but can range from 9 months to two years. Treatment involves a highly structured, cognitive-behavioral approach, using both individual and group therapy modalities. We provide offender treatment to both self-referred and court-mandated patients, pre-and post-trial. SRI has been approved as an outpatient offender treatment facility by most courts. We also offer comprehensive psychosexual forensic evaluations and assessments for Professionals (clergy, physicians, attorneys etc.) who have crossed workplace sexual boundaries.

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Sexual Offender Clients are considered for treatment on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us for further information or assessment.