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Sex Addiction

Sex addiction may be identified as any compulsive or impulsive sexual activity that falls into one of three categories: shameful, secretive or abusive. Internet sex addiction is a relatively new form and not surprisingly one of the most prevalent.

About Sexual Addition

Addiction to sex is similar to an addition to gambling in that all process addictions, problems that are behavior based rather than substance based, have a biological and neuro-chemical core. It also resembles chemical dependency in that sex and love addiction are behavioral disorders often passed along in families, however their treatment requirements are unique.

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Addiction and Sex

Sexual addiction is often accompanied by other addictions, both chemical and behavioral. Physicians’ understanding of this fact is important since sexual addiction contributes significantly to the AIDS epidemic and because efforts to control sexual addiction are often confounded by coexistent problems.

What is sex addiction?

Symptoms of sex addiction follow predictable patterns. You will find everything from research to case studies in our Sex Addiction Articles The easiest way to recognize the signs of sexual addiction is to take a sex addiction test online.

Overcoming Sexual Addiction

A spouse coping with sex addiction in his or her partner is often desperate to find out how to stop sex addiction. If the partner or the addict need specific information about how to get over a sex addiction the Internet provides an excellent way to get information confidentially.

The 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous have been adapted for use in programs for eating disorders, compulsive gambling, sex addiction, and other addictions.

Treatment programs for sex addiction are geared to addicted individuals as well as spouses of sex addicts, and couples

Getting Help with Sex Addiction

Facilities that do not provide sex addiction help directly may refer patients to a sexual addiction treatment center if sexual issues are detected during treatment for chemical dependency for example.

In cases where sexual addiction has led to exceptionally serious problems, such as when an unfaithful person has exposed the partner to HIV infection, or when sexual misconduct has occurred that could result in legal charges, loss of professional license, and financial adversity for the family, sex and love addiction rehab centers like The Sexual Recovery Institute can provide a certified sex addiction therapist who has the training necessary to assist clients in navigating these uniquely difficult situations. Certified Sex Addiction Therapists or CSAT’s have extensive long-term training and supervision in the management of sex addiction cases.

Sex addiction counselors face challenges different from those of other addiction specialists. Unlike the goal in treatment of chemical dependency, which is abstinence from use of all psychoactive substances, the therapeutic goal in sexual addiction is abstinence only from compulsive sexual behavior with a coexisting goal, that of adapting and integrating healthy sexuality.

Online Treatment of Sexual Addictions

Some facilities, including SRI offer online services for sexual addiction treatment patients and spouses, through the phone or via webcam. Nearly all of the 12-step sexual addiction programs also provide online support group meetings and weekly sexual recovery chats.