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The Sexual Recovery Institute Intensive Programs

Sex Addiction: Real Disease, Real Consequences

The Sexual Recovery Institute's Evening Intensive Program coming up August 7th

Sex addiction is among the most widely misunderstood of all addictions. Onlookers figure, "Sex is a basic human need. How bad could it be?"

To the person who cruises for prostitutes every night, makes repeated sexual innuendos to a co-worker, downloads hard-core porn at work or posts explicit photos to websites like Ashley Madison using the same computer as their spouse, sex addiction is every bit as destructive as an addiction to heroin might be. Some of the very serious consequences of sex addiction include poor mental health and broken relationships. Read more consequences of sex addiction at

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Tips for Choosing the Right Therapist

If your marriage is on the rocks or you’ve experienced a sexual trauma, finding a good therapist to navigate the winding path ahead is critical. But how do you find an effective therapist – and not just someone who can help you, but who is a good fit for you? When you’re already stressed, it can feel like a daunting task – especially when you see so many options as you search online or scan the phone book.


Love vs. Lust – Which is It?

It's not uncommon for people to mistake lust for love. But when scientists examine what’s really going on inside the brain, they can see that lust stimulates different areas than love. A new study featured in the Journal of Sexual Medicine shows that there are principally two parts of the brain that are involved in processing passionate feelings and their eventual evolution into the experience of love.


The next Two-Week Intensive Treatment Program begins August 20th!

The SRI Two-Week Intensive Programs is a two-week education and therapy curriculum focused on helping our patients identify and eliminate all sexual acting out behavior and develop the tools needed to prevent sexual relapse.

Less costly and time consuming than a 4-6 week hospital or residential treatment, the Two-Week Intensive Programs offers many similar benefits, including spousal involvement, structured social support, psycho-education and daily individual therapy.

Learn more about our Two-Week Intensive Program or Contact us to Reserve a Spot.


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