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What is Sexual Sobriety?

Sexual Sobriety

Most people entering sexual addiction recovery have no real idea what "sexual sobriety" means. Oftentimes people think that, as is the case with alcohol and drug addiction treatment, sobriety entails total abstinence. Happily, this is not the case. Unlike sobriety for alcoholism and drug addiction, sexual sobriety is not defined by ongoing abstinence (though a short period away from sex is often recommended in early recovery as part of the healing process). Instead, in sexual addiction treatment we work with clients to help them carefully determine which of their sexual behaviors are problematic and which of their sexual behaviors do not compromise or destroy their personal values (fidelity, not hurting others, etc.), life circumstances (keeping their job, not getting arrested, etc.), and relationships.

In sexual recovery, addicts commit in a written "sexual sobriety contract" to only engage in sexual behavior that is permitted within the bounds of that predetermined pact. These boundaries are set based on the individual history and goals of recovering addict - specifically taking into account the ways in which his or her life has been negatively affected by past patterns of addictive sexual behavior. As long as the addict's sexual behavior remains within his or her well-defined boundaries, that individual is sexually sober. Learn more about sexual sobriety at sexualrecovery.com.

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Sex Addiction and STDs: Is There a Connection?

Basically, sex addicts do not think about or consider the potential effects of their behavior - at least not any clear-headed way in which the potential downside of their actions comes into play. For sex addicts, the neurochemical pull of sexual arousal creates a false sense of protection, an increasingly impenetrable emotional bubble where, in the moment, little but the sexual behavior matters. Because of this, sex addicts are at greater risk than the general population for contracting and transmitting sexually transmitted diseases such as hepatitis, gonorrhea, herpes, and HIV. They tend to have more partners, their partners tend to have more partners, and both they and their partners are more likely than most to engage in unprotected sex.


Online Protection for Sex Addicts

Sex and love addicts are their own worst enemy. These days, thanks to the Internet, avenues toward the development, maintenance, and escalation of sex addiction are increasing by the minute. Every new technological advance, it seems, can be utilized for its intended purposeā€¦ and also for sex. The simple, undeniable fact is the tech-connect boom has greatly increased the average person's ability to anonymously and affordably access porn, to engage in an almost unfathomable array of virtual sexual experiences, and to instantly contact and hook-up with casual partners. Happily, the same technology that aids and abets the full gamut of problematic sexual and romantic behaviors can also be used by sex and love addicts for purposes of recovery.


Sexual and Relationship Dysfunction Is the True Cost of Porn

Pervasive porn use among boys and young men is an issue of concern on several levels (unrelated to traditional morality or religion). Among these issues is the effect that consistent porn use can have on a young person's evolving ability to develop and maintain sexual and emotional focus on any single individual, as this is not the stuff of most online porn.

Read more in a HuffPost Women blog by sex and relationship expert Robert Weiss...

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The next Two-Week Intensive Treatment Program begins February 18th!

The SRI Two-Week Intensive Programs is a two-week education and therapy curriculum focused on helping our patients identify and eliminate all sexual acting out behavior and develop the tools needed to prevent sexual relapse.

Less costly and time consuming than a 4-6 week hospital or residential treatment, the Two-Week Intensive Programs offers many similar benefits, including spousal involvement, structured social support, psycho-education and daily individual therapy.

Learn more about our Two-Week Intensive Program or Contact us to Reserve a Spot.

Recovering from Infidelity Group

Addiction Specialist Marty Simpson Revell, MA, CSAT-3, hosts a weekly group therapy session focusing on recovering from infidelity. The group helps increase self-awareness leading to a deeper understanding of what causes us to get involved in unhealthy relationships, and what gets in the way of setting healthy boundaries. In addition to the educational component of the group, members have an opportunity to process feelings and benefit from sharing their experience with others in a supportive environment facilitated by an experienced clinician.

Learn more at sexualrecovery.com.


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