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Sex Addiction and Porn Addiction:
Not the Same

Sex Addict or Porn Addiction

Fact: A person living with sex addiction can have sex with numerous people and never view online pornography. Similarly, a person with porn addiction can spend hours viewing sexual material online and never have real-world sex with another person.

Recent articles are calling attention to the confusion between sex addiction and addiction to pornography. The conflicting definitions surrounding the two terms may also prevent people from seeking professional treatment for either addiction, or may divert attention away from the serious consequences involved. Is it pornography addiction or sex addiction? Read key points on sexualrecovery.com.

Latest News

Facebook to Create New App That Could Encourage Sexting

Sexting among teens and adults may increase in 2013, especially if users respond that way to Facebook’s proposed app that will allow an image or a segment of video to be viewed or shared for a time period of up to ten seconds – and supposedly, disappear from online use. However, experts in recent articles warn that that no image or video circulated on the Internet is truly confidential, safe, or fully deleted.


Methods of Denial to Avoid Sex and Intimacy Problems

It's not uncommon for recovering substance abusers to struggle in their personal relationships. This is because chemical dependency has been their true love, making it difficult for them to invest in other people and experience real intimacy. Many recovering addicts substitute the high of falling in love for the void left by drugs or alcohol. But sex and love addictions have the same sort of root cause as substance abuse.


Men, Women, and Sexual Objectification

Men and women typically experience sex - both fantasy and reality - in different ways. Unsurprisingly, these gender differences also play out with sex addicts and these gender differences play out online as well as in person.

Read more in a Psych Central blog by our founder, Robert Weiss...

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The SRI Two-Week Intensive Programs is a two-week education and therapy curriculum focused on helping our patients identify and eliminate all sexual acting out behavior and develop the tools needed to prevent sexual relapse.

Less costly and time consuming than a 4-6 week hospital or residential treatment, the Two-Week Intensive Programs offers many similar benefits, including spousal involvement, structured social support, psycho-education and daily individual therapy.

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Recovering from Infidelity Group

Addiction Specialist Marty Simpson Revell, MA, CSAT-3, hosts a weekly group therapy session focusing on recovering from infidelity. The group helps increase self-awareness leading to a deeper understanding of what causes us to get involved in unhealthy relationships, and what gets in the way of setting healthy boundaries. In addition to the educational component of the group, members have an opportunity to process feelings and benefit from sharing their experience with others in a supportive environment facilitated by an experienced clinician.

Learn more at sexualrecovery.com.


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