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Preparing to Leave Sex Addiction Rehab

Preparing to Leave Sex Addiction Rehab

Let's face it: Your time in rehab was probably different than you expected. Maybe it was harder than you thought it would be, bumpier than you'd planned for. Those first few weeks are the hardest. You hadn't realized there would be withdrawal symptoms or that they'd be just as real as drug or alcohol withdrawals. Maybe you found yourself agitated and shaky, nervous or sweaty, unable to focus. Maybe you experienced panic or you simply shut down. All of these things are to be expected. Breaking away from a life of addiction isn't easy, and some say sex addiction treatment can be the hardest of all.

Sex addiction recovery forces us to examine some core truths about ourselves - how we've been dealing with intimacy, physical and emotional, and whether we've been using sex to mix a mortar for the wall we've built around our hearts. It's a wall a lot of people have, not just sex addicts, but it's one we must confront. We're so good at building this wall that we've been doing it on autopilot - going through the motions of addiction, laying one brick at a time between ourselves and the rest of the world. Read more at sexualrecovery.com.

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Therapists and Clients: Common Problems and How to Avoid Them

As therapists, each of us would like to do exactly the right thing in each and every session. However, given the stressful nature of our work, the lengthy and sometimes sporadic hours, the occasional inability to feel secure in our continued income, and even our own not-yet-totally-resolved issues, we sometimes fall a bit short of this lofty goal.

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Digital Devices, Sex Addiction, and the Workplace

A surprisingly large percentage of sex addicts, porn addicts, and love addicts enter treatment after they are caught misusing work-issued computers, smartphones, and other digital devices. The list of ways in which company-issued digital devices are misused by sex, porn, and love addicts is endless (and constantly expanding).


Closer Together Further Apart - The Internet Is Changing Our Relationships

Watch the book trailer for Rob's book on the impact of technology on our relationships, "Closer Together, Further Apart: The Effect of Technology and the Internet on Parenting, Work, and Relationships."

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Two-Week Intensive Treatment Programs begin June 16th and July 7th!

The SRI Two-Week Intensive is a program of therapy and education designed to help our clients identify and eliminate all sexual acting out behavior, and to develop the skills and tools needed to prevent sexual relapse.

The Two-Week Intensive Program at SRI is a cost-effective and more time-effective alternative to the traditional 4-6 week hospital stay or residential treatment programs. It is our belief, based on our decades of experience, that most sex addicts do not require a lengthy stay in a controlled environment. Our program offers many similar benefits while minimizing the disruption in our clients' lives.

Learn more about our Two-Week Intensive Program or Contact us to Reserve a Spot.

Two Hour Couples Class

SRI's Sarah Knowlton, MA, CSAT3, hosts weekly couples class. Couples class includes:

  • Learn about the roles couples affected by addiction fall into
  • Assess what your default setting is: victim, persecutor, or rescuer
  • Gain insight into how these roles keep couples stuck
  • Acquire tools for breaking out of dysfunctional patterns
  • Find pathways towards becoming relational rather than reactive
  • Practice these tools in session with each other
  • Work together towards the recovery of your coupleship
Learn more at sexualrecovery.com.

Recovering from Infidelity Group

Addiction Specialist Marty Simpson Revell, MA, CSAT-3, hosts a weekly group therapy session focusing on recovering from infidelity. The group helps increase self-awareness leading to a deeper understanding of what causes us to get involved in unhealthy relationships, and what gets in the way of setting healthy boundaries. In addition to the educational component of the group, members have an opportunity to process feelings and benefit from sharing their experience with others in a supportive environment facilitated by an experienced clinician.

Learn more at sexualrecovery.com.


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