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Sex Addiction Recovery: Being True to Ourselves

Sex Addiction Recovery: Being True to Ourselves

Until a couple of years ago, Shannon felt she was like most successful Morehouse graduates. She'd come from a successful Atlanta family and had attended her parent's alma mater. She'd landed a great job in her chosen field right out of college despite the economy, and there, she'd met Marcus, a young but highly influential Atlanta minister. Shannon was swept away by Marcus's charm and intelligence, and was curious about his success. Marcus proposed to Shannon after a year of dating, and she was delighted to say yes. They were wed by his father in his enormous church, with hundreds of guests in attendance. Shannon felt like she had become the bride every little girl dreamed of.

Soon, Shannon began coming on to the husband of a friend while that friend was in the very next room. This behavior progressed to sexual encounters - in closets, bathrooms, offices, and even a church anteroom, and it didn't remain exclusive to one individual. Read more about Shannon's story and learn about sexual addiction in women at

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Prostitution Addiction: Uproot the Cause, Correct False Beliefs

Pierce knew he had a problem. He committed to stopping, and even began to date a doctor he fell head-over-heels for, but continued to find himself defeated by his problem. He was "disgusted" with himself and he felt alarmingly "ashamed," and for these reasons he was especially astonished that he could not stop. Shame is a basic emotion underlying hypersexual compulsion and sexual addictions. What Pierce came to realize was that shame itself was the experience he was unconsciously seeking even more than sex.


The Value of (Temporary) Sexual Abstinence

Ultimately, the goal of sexual recovery is to define which sexual behaviors are problematic and which are not, and to thereafter engage - moderately and appropriately - only in the non-problematic activities. In other words, sexual recovery is about learning to be sexual in life-affirming rather than life-destroying ways. Even though ongoing abstinence is not the ultimate goal, in early sex addiction recovery (and sometimes in later stages of recovery) a brief period of complete sexual abstinence is highly recommended.


Unmasking the Neurobiology of Love

Thanks to increasing insight into our own neurobiology, we now know unequivocally that love lives not in our hearts but in our brains. In fact, and somewhat amazingly, we even know where in the brain this exhilarating emotion resides.

Read more in this Huffington Post blog by our founder Robert Weiss...

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The next Two-Week Intensive Treatment Program begins June 3rd!

The SRI Two-Week Intensive Program is a two-week education and therapy curriculum focused on helping our patients identify and eliminate all sexual acting out behavior and develop the tools needed to prevent sexual relapse.

Less costly and time consuming than a 4-6 week hospital stay or residential treatment, the Two-Week Intensive Program offers many similar benefits, including spousal involvement, structured social support, psycho-education and daily individual therapy.

Learn more about our Two-Week Intensive Program or Contact us to Reserve a Spot.

Recovering from Infidelity Group

Addiction Specialist Marty Simpson Revell, MA, CSAT-3, hosts a weekly group therapy session focusing on recovering from infidelity. The group helps increase self-awareness leading to a deeper understanding of what causes us to get involved in unhealthy relationships, and what gets in the way of setting healthy boundaries. In addition to the educational component of the group, members have an opportunity to process feelings and benefit from sharing their experience with others in a supportive environment facilitated by an experienced clinician.

Learn more at


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