If porn, romance or sexual obsession is hurting you or those you love, we can help.

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Highly Effective, Intensive
Treatment for Sexual Addiction

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If you're struggling with compulsive use of porn or other problematic sexual behaviors, you probably feel very alone.

You're not alone.

The Sexual Recovery Institute offers a unique two-week intensive program specifically designed to treat sex addiction. We understand many people can't be away from work or home for a month or more to go to traditional sex addiction rehab. For this reason, we offer the most intensive treatment available in the shortest possible time so that you can create a strong foundation for healthy intimacy without sacrificing your career or other commitments.

Over the last two decades, we have built one of the most effective programs available for the treatment of problem sexual behaviors, including serial infidelity, exhibitionism/voyeurism, compulsive masturbation or anonymous sex, as well as addiction to cybersex, Internet porn, sexual massage or strip clubs. In an emotionally safe, respectful therapeutic environment, our experienced, master's level therapists will help you overcome what may now seem like an insurmountable problem.

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Did the Internet Kill Cupid?

Sex Addiction Treatment at SRI

Did the Internet Kill Cupid?

Recovering From Infidelity

Learn more about our weekly group therapy session that helps partners recover from infidelity.

Treatment Programs

Two-Week Intensive Program

Developed for men with professional or family responsibilities, our two-week outpatient program helps clients identify and eliminate sexual acting out behavior and develop tools to prevent relapse.

Evening Intensive Program

Meeting three times per week for eight weeks, our evening intensive program is a convenient treatment option for those who live in or near the Los Angeles area.

Individual Treatment

Meet one-on-one with a licensed, certified sexual addiction therapist who will develop an individual plan for sexual behavior change and support accountability to that plan.

Group Treatment

The directive and interactive support of group treatment helps maintain sexual sobriety and provides ongoing fellowship for long-term recovery.

Couples Treatment

Confidential couples therapy and two-hour couples classes are designed to educate and provide direction and structured support regardless of the current status of the relationship.

Spouses & Partners Treatment

We offer a weekly supportive, therapeutic group for partners and spouses of sexual addicts that helps them manage the trauma of being in a relationship with a sex addict.

Women's Sex Addiction Treatment

In supportively monitored, gender-specific women's treatment, we process the emotional, relationship and cultural challenges faced by female sex and love addicts.

Certified Non-Violent Offender Program

Our outpatient treatment program for men who have been involved in non-violent sexual offenses targets overall psychosocial functioning and sexual health, as well as relapse prevention and community safety.
CALL TODAY 844-877-7828 844-877-7828
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