If Sexual Obsession is ruling your life and hurting those you love, we can help.

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The Most Effective Intensive Treatment

We offer the nation’s only comprehensive 2-week intensive treatment program for sexual addiction.

The Sexual Recovery Institute is the preeminent facility for the treatment of sex addiction and sexual compulsivity. We do just one thing, and we do it well. We have helped thousands of individuals STOP compulsive sexual behaviors, REBUILD their lives, and REPAIR their relationships.

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SRI was founded in 1995 by Robert Weiss, MSW, C-SAT, who had worked with Patrick Carnes at Del Amo Hospital. He recognized that most men could not take a month away from work to deal with their compulsive behavior. He developed this highly effective, intensive 2-week program to meet the demands of high-powered individuals who wanted a treatment program that could cover the same territory in half the time. Most of our clients lead highly successful lives professionally, but have seen their personal lives devastated by chronic infidelity, compulsive sexual behaviors, obsession with pornography, or risky sexual behaviors like hooking up with strangers using websites or smart phone apps.

How SRI Can Help You
Rob Weiss, MSW, explains why people call SRI, and why the call you make today could make a profound difference in your relationships and in your life.

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Two-Week Intensive Program

Understanding Sex Addiction For
Addicts & Spouses

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