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Group Treatment

Seen as the most effective and successful form of treatment for all addictive disorders, group treatment at The Sexual Recovery Institute is available to most patients who have successfully completed their first 6-8 weeks of individual treatment and have remained sexually sober.

Group Treatment at The Sexual Recovery Institute is directive and interactive. The group is facilitated by one of our sexual addiction specialists whose goal it is to maintain a group consciousness of sexual sobriety, accountability and personal integrity. Against a background of these themes, group members discuss their sexual, relational and life concerns using the facilitator and group members as a healthy sounding board toward growth and healthy interdependence.

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Group work consists of weekly 2-hour sessions with a therapist and 6-7 other consistent group members. The minimum requirement for attendance in the group is nine months, though many patients will attend the group for as long as two years or more, finding there the ongoing fellowship and support necessary for recovery from sex addiction.

If you would like to learn more about the definition of sex addiction or how it can be treated, read one of our articles in the resources area or feel free to contact us.

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