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Two-Week Intensive Program

The SRI Two-Week Intensive Programs is a two-week education and therapy curriculum focused on helping our patients identify and eliminate all sexual acting out behavior and develop the tools needed to prevent sexual relapse.

Less costly and time consuming than a 4-6 week hospital stay or residential treatment, the Two-Week Intensive Programs offers many similar benefits, including spousal involvement, structured social support, psycho-education and daily individual therapy.

Problems We Treat

  • Internet Porn and Interactive Online Sex
  • Prostitutes and Sensual Massage
  • Anonymous and Casual Sex
  • Compulsive Masturbation
  • Multiple Affairs and Infidelity
  • Exhibitionism / Voyeurism
  • Professional / Workplace Sexual Misconduct

Why to Attend Our Two-Week Intensive Programs

  • Marriage or Primary Relationship Threatened Due Sexual Behavior
  • Sexually Addictive or Offending Behaviors are escalating
  • Problem Sex Continues Despite Therapy or 12-Step involvement
  • Work or Family Life Harmed By Sexually Addictive Behaviors
  • Drug or Alcohol Problems Related To Sex
  • Replaying a Sexual Trauma History

Intensive Program Treatment At-A-Glance

  • Program Length: 2 Weeks
  • Program Attendance: 5 Days per Week
  • Daily Attendance: 6-8 Hours Daily

Housing Options


Spouses and significant others are, when appropriate, encouraged to be involved at some point in the Intensive Program process. Over the course of several days in the second week of the Intensive Program spouses are offered couples sessions by phone or in person. Spouses of patients attending our Intensive Program are given extensive direction and support toward learning how to deal with this difficult problem in their lives.

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We have extensive material on our site for spouses.

Two-Week Intensive Programs Fees*

Please call for specific fee information. A one-week deposit is required prior to beginning the program. SRI does not directly bill insurance for treatment costs, however statements are provided for insurance reimbursement and tax purposes. We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

* Fees do not include housing, food, transportation, unexpected medical or specialty consultation costs. Any additional fees will be discussed prior to billing the patient.


At The Sexual Recovery Institute, all communication is strictly confidential. When returning phone calls or e-mail we do not disclose the nature of our work, do not give out the name or specialty of our agency. We do not discuss any patient’s private issues.

If you would like to learn more about the definition of sex addiction or how it can be treated, read one of our articles in the resources area or feel free to contact us.

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